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High Level Problem Solving

by Jackie Woods

Recently I had a call from a friend who is a very kind and talented man. He has been extremely successful in an international business, but now finds himself in a financial crisis. He called wanting some awareness support. His intent was not for me to solve his problem, but to help him get unstuck.

First, I directed him to one of my recorded teachings to turn his mind around. He was doing the normal thing of trying to think his way out of the box. So I was able to turn his thinking around so he could begin to see this as an opportunity to make changes in his life.

Once he could see the problem as an opportunity created by his Heart to expand him, he could stop seeing it as a problem that the outside was imposing on him. But mentally understanding did not do away with his fear of failure, which in this instance was huge. So when I asked him to embrace his fear, he did balk a bit. It can feel overwhelming to step into (what feels like) a huge caldron of terror.

So to give him the push he needed I asked him if he wanted the fear to continue to be part of his creation. Of course the answer was no. This gave me the opening to explain that fear can be felt, cleared, and leave behind an energetic space for your use. He was then onboard.

He is now in process of looking at how he has been personally walking his talk but not holding his employees to the same standard. His situation can apply to all of us. If you don’t give those around you the opportunity to join with you in the qualities that make up the core of your essence, then your power will shrink.

Life is always in motion. It either gives you a bigger space in which you can express, or it gives you a fear-filled problem. How you see the problem is key to whether you expand your essence or expand your fear.  So to keep up with the motion of life, embrace each piece of it as an expansion opportunity instead of problem that has been pushed upon you.


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