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The Giving and Receiving of Healing

by Jackie Woods

HealingRecently I presented a workshop on the Power of Healing. Several people called ahead to see if it would be a fit for them. It was almost a tie between those that wanted to receive healing and those who wanted to give healing.  However, my workshop was about how both the giving and receiving of healing happen at the same time. This was a difficult concept for some to grasp. So I decided to share with you to get your vote.

When a person acknowledges that the divine energy of healing is constantly transmitted between two spirits, they step into the realm of equality. There is no longer a strong and a weak person but instead two spirits offering to share a joined intent. From this vantage point, the healer and the “healee” both are spiritual and thus both have energy to offer each other. On the other hand, if one or both people are focused on the illness, instead of the shared energy, the healing energy gets diluted.

It is often difficult for a “healee” not to be totally focused on their woundedness. Therefore, an acknowledgment by the healer that their joined spirits will be the source of the healing may be in order. They can then define together how to direct the energy. However, both must be open to the healing available from their joined divinity for the full power of their spirits to manifest.

At any time a person deems themselves a giver rather than a joiner, they have forgotten we are all one in spirit. Living from that truth can make each day a day of healing.

Would you like support in making this equality a reality in your life?

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