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by Jackie Woods

Have you ever gone to the mall and watched children be miniature versions of their parents as they walk side-by-side down the hallway? But it is not only children who are impressionable. Couples who have lived together for quite a while also begin to pick up each other’s mannerisms.

Those outward signs of copying are pretty obvious, but copying doesn’t end there. We also unconsciously take in the energy around us. For example, my husband recently had to visit a neurologist. The visit went well and he received a good report, but he came home depressed. There was no reason for his mood to shift so dramatically unless he took in the left-behind upset energy of people who had been there before him.

Just as a glum person can affect your mood, so can an upbeat person. Also, a decisive person can oftentimes affect the decision of an undecided one. Or if your boss requires that every “I” be dotted and every “t” be crossed, then it will usually impact to some degree your sense of order.

It is important to learn how to hold your space in a world where the energy of others can take away your individuality and turn you into a copycat. To do this you must be able to know your heart’s intent before you enter into an interaction. In other words, who are you when you go to work? Who are you when you come home? Who are you when you buy groceries or when you have a night out?

You are the energy of your Heart. When you are proactive in defining yourself that way, you can not only love yourself but cover the real pieces of those around you. Covering what is real joins hearts. Covering habits makes you a copycat.