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Conscious Living

by Jackie Woods

This past Christmas I decided to share mostly old but loved treasures as gifts. As you might expect, I had a whole array of responses. Some people were pleased with how well I matched the treasure to their tastes and needs, while others were not pleased because it wasn’t shiny and new. I did this mostly because my care for my sick husband left me with very little shopping time. However, I decided it should become a more acceptable mode of gift giving.

First of all, it is a way of offering continuity of enjoyment. Secondly, it is a way to bring stewardship to the mounting accumulation of gently used goods on our planet. And most importantly, it is a way of sharing things that you love. So what if we took this concept a step further and shared only things that carried loved energies? Then once you have the concept of physically paying love forward, you could begin to take this idea into words and feelings.

After my new “Christmas adventure,” I started becoming aware of what and how I shared my thoughts and feelings. Did I offer continuity of enjoyment or did I dump my upset on others? Did I maintain a mental awareness of my responsibility to be a steward of the light in every conversation? And did I make sure that every event of the day was defined to pay love forward?

You may choose to define different heart energies than mine as your special treasures. But do share the special energies that you treasure. By passing these treasures on to others, you allow new facets of light to be added to your light so that it becomes brighter.