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Commitment Has Many Spaces

by Jackie Woods

No two people have the same size Commitment, because it is the master key for lots of spaces within a person’s character. For instance, your floor of commitment might have a room named Loyalty where your friends come to visit. In this room, they would probably feel safe to bring any ideas, ask for support in many situations, and feel free to dump an upset or two. Plus, usually when you enter a space of loyalty, you will more than likely experience an inner sense of refuge.

Another room in your house of Commitment might be named Dedication. In this space, you would plan steps necessary to carry out your primary purpose in life. Some people open the door to Dedication when they need to attend to work-related tasks, while others use their Dedication space to plan how to bring service to others. And then of course there are those people who don’t choose to have a space for dedication, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have Commitment.

The energy of Quality is held by many to be an important factor in Commitment. They hold to the idea that it supports a person’s character to be able to absorb the energy of Quality before entering their other rooms. For example, a review of how Quality can be brought to their room of Loyalty is helpful before entertaining certain friends, just as absorbing a few Quality rays is helpful before entering their space of Dedication. However, a room called Quality on your Commitment floor does not necessarily need to be coupled with all the activities of your life. My Quality, for instance, does not extend to cover mechanical things.

Few people have Commitment without having some space for Support. As with any space within a person’s character, Support can take on many different looks. In my household, my support and my husband’s Support are so dissimilar that it is obvious our decorators didn’t go to the same school. His Support is all physical with a touch of emotional, whereas my support is much stronger in the emotional realm than the physical.

Usually people have houses with more than one floor. They may have Commitment rooms on one floor and Appreciation on another. But no matter how they design their energetic house, it will define their character. And just because everyone’s house is built by the same creative architect, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the final decision about how many and how big their spaces will be. Also, the original décor can be changed as needed.

Using allegorical language is a fun way to look at how you bring Commitment to the world. But while the language is amusing, the subject of Commitment is very serious. For if a person fails to claim spaces for Commitment in their life, people and things will drift in and out, but nothing will contain much substance. So enjoy the images created here, but take them seriously.