An Advanced Collection of Teachings by Jackie Woods

Journey to Ultimate Spirituality by Jackie Woods


Are ready to venture beyond the bounds of your singular experience to the concept of Synergy? Your roadmap is found within the pages of this masterfully written book.

Creating a New Relationship Paradigm by Jackie Woods


Wouldn’t it be lovely to create relationships that are light-filled and purposeful? Listen to this recording – repeatedly – and you’ll be there.

Blessing People In by Jackie Woods


Jackie released this recording to help heal the turmoil of our national and international divisions. Please listen and take action if you want to assist in this effort.

Claiming Power by Jackie Woods


It is through your energetic interactions with the world that you manifest powerfully. Listen to this teaching and help change the meaning of Power in our world.

Choose YOUR Growth Journey

6 Easy Steps to Enlightenment by Jackie Woods

Growth Essentials

If you’ve read dozens of self-help books, attended numerous spirituality workshops, and/or worked with a therapist – and yet your life hasn’t changed much – Jackie’s GROWTH ESSENTIALS will bring you the change you desire.

Creating a New Relationship Paradigm by Jackie Woods

Synergistic Living

Advanced Teachings by Jackie that will propel you into a world of Synergy. Do you see the world as energy? Do you want to expand beyond your known reality? Jackie’s SYNERGISTIC LIVING Collection is your next step.

Oneness by Jackie Woods

We Are All One

The ultimate collection of Jackie’s Teachings. Are you ready to step into 5th dimensional Oneness? Jackie’s WE ARE ALL ONE Collection is your doorway to a life of bringing heaven to earth – together.