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Fears that Block You Online Course by Jackie Woods

Course Includes:
Class 1 – Wisdom
Class 2 – Love means Honoring each Space
Class 3 – Addictions
Class 4 – What is the Scope of your Vision
Class 5 – Physical Power
Class 6 – Spirit Power

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Fears that Block you from Power, Love, Wisdom

6-week Online Course


These 3 Qualities are the root of everything
Love, Wisdom and Power are the three “primary colors” of your true inner essence. All other qualities of the heart (or inner Spirit , if you prefer) are simply shades and tints of these three….and yet, they can be blocked from your life by simple fears. Learn how to claim the natural flow of these building blocks of your heart essence by clearing these fears. Think about it….all the Power, and Love and Wisdom your Spirit has ever desired.  This course lays out the necessary tools with exercises and on-line interaction to bring it home!

For Anyone seeking change
It doesn’t matter whether they are your own fears or other’s fears, learn these tools and you can bring about any change! Yes, the ability to change any situation! Think of what that would do for your personal and work life. Moving beyond addictive patterns, maximizing relationships, increasing abundance and flow, personal satisfaction….virtually every area of life can be improved by learning to “stop driving with the brakes on” around one of these three qualities.

Fears become an invisible prison
You are probably not a fearful person. Nevertheless, you may be defining your life around a fear right now and not even know it! We get so used to living with a fear that we begin to think of it as normal and things like Power and Wisdom as abnormal! Because we then see these fears as a natural part of who we are, they are overlooked in therapy sessions and self assessments – so even when we want change and seek improvement, we end up working on the wrong thing! Learn to recognize blocks and how to use these proven techniques to clear the hidden fears behind them before they strangle your life another minute.

How does it work?
The lesson instruction, along with a homework assignment and a guided meditation, will be available on the password protected student website. Your password will also give you access to an online student message board. At the message board, you will answer discussion questions and share with other students about insights you have learned. A course moderator will monitor the online student message board and a mentor will be available for additional support with the class lessons.