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DefiningFromTheHeartOnlineCourse Defining from the Heart - Online Course

Course Includes:
Class 1 – What is the purpose of a Heart Definition?
Class 2 – How can you tell a Heart Definition from an Ego Definition?
Class 3 – What is the difference between “Personal” and “Good for the Whole” Definition?
Class 4 – What does a Broken Definition mean?
Class 5 – How much detail should go into Relationship Defining?
Class 6 – How to save yourself from lost focus through Defining, Redefining, and Refining

Defining from the Heart

6-week Online Course


Bring your true Intention into your life!
What good is it to have Creativity if you never take some Creative action? What good is Inspiration if you don’t find some inspirational way of expressing it? Often we get tangled up somewhere between knowing we have a gift in our Heart and manifesting it in our life. It doesn’t come out at the right time or in the way we planned…and people in our life aren’t impressed with haphazard results.

Defining is the process by which you give these inner gifts the shape you intend them to take. These classes lay out the simple steps necessary. Plus the personal examples you get in class postings help bring it all home to you!

Accomplish what you want in the world – by DEFINING
Learn the defining process so that you can have clear, meaningful interactions with people and accomplish what you want to do in your life. Never get tangled up again! You will see how to actually shape the experience that comes out of you – through conscious INTENTION – to exactly match the picture in your Heart!

How does it work?
The lesson instruction, along with a homework assignment and a guided meditation, will be available on the password protected student website. Your password will also give you access to an online student message board. At the message board, you will answer discussion questions and share with other students about insights you have learned. A course moderator will monitor the online student message board and a mentor will be available for additional support with the class lessons.