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Dealing-with-Emotions Dealing with Emotions - Online Course

Course Includes:
Class 1 – The Purpose of Emotions
Class 2 – Dealing with Anger
Class 3 – Dealing with Fear
Class 4 – Dealing with Grief
Class 5 – Tools for Clearing Emotions
Class 6 – Filling the Space left by the Cleared Emotions

Dealing with Emotions

6-week Online Course


Stop fighting the process
Learn how to use emotions instead being used by them. This course unravels the mystery of what to do with emotion—your own as well as other people’s. It spells out the real purpose of emotions and shows you proven ways to use that emotion to aid healing past hurts and making your life the most it can be. No longer does emotion just have to be something that gets in the way, it can now be a powerful tool that turns everyday upsets into profound change.

In this one-of-a-kind course you will learn that the true purpose of emotions is to lead you to your inner Heart and show you what part of your Heart’s expression is “missing” in the moment. You will work with this amazingly simple but effective process around three of the “blockbuster” emotions: anger, fear, and grief. Finally, you will learn some proven clearing techniques that help you replace the emotion with the authentic expression that your Heart truly desires.

How does it work?
The lesson instruction, along with a homework assignment and a guided meditation, will be available on the password protected student website. Your password will also give you access to an online student message board. At the message board, you will answer discussion questions and share with other students about insights you have learned. A course moderator will monitor the online student message board and a mentor will be available for additional support with the class lessons.