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Two Worlds

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Add satisfaction to your tangible world of experiences, by adding depth to your intangible world of possibilities.

Do you search for satisfaction in your tangible world? Trying to add more time, more experiences, more things? Well, the thing holding you back might just be your intangible world!

Whenever we latch onto an emotional hook that says we MUST have more of something (or MUST NOT have something) in our life and a corresponding rigid plan of how we should go about getting that something, our intangible world becomes very shallow. The faith, connection, and possibilities we use to create a bigger tangible world then begin to dry up!

The amazingly innovative teachings in this audio recording show you simple steps to climb out of this hole. You can get your tangible and intangible worlds to partner again! Learn to expand the mental boxes you live inside by identifying and nullifying the emotional hooks holding them in place.

While our mind searches for answers, and our emotions pull us this way and that, we can miss the very things that make life enjoyable and fulfilling. Join Jackie Woods in an exploration of how our “inner world” of imagination can fulfill our “outer world” of experiences. By learning how to partner these two seemingly separate worlds, we can turn our whole life into one filled with satisfying experiences.

The innovative teachings in this recording will guide you through simple steps to change your life and bring that awesome feeling of satisfaction back. Dive into this material today!