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Fully Clearing Emotions

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  • Learn how to tell the difference between reactions and “true” emotions about your creations. Read your waking life just like the symbols in your dreams.
  • Discover where you are acting out past “wounds.” Heal patterns of armoring, avoidance, and manipulation as you feel what was missing.
  • Go beyond the simple formula of (1) Acknowledge the Feeling, (2) Clear the Reaction, and (3) Fill the Space with the missing Heart Quality to see all the places we can get off track (and what to do about them).
  • Take your emotional clearing to the level of Faith in the Heart and the new script it will write for you.
  • Release fears of Intensity in the feeling realm. Learn to harness the full power of Tone in your voice and expressions that we so often squash or “damp” down to a lower intensity.
  • Break free of a world of good and bad happenings and feelings. Identify and address the warning signs of Attachment, Reaction, and Mental “Fixing.”