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Meet Jackie

Jackie WoodsJackie Woods is an expert in the field of self-development with more than 25 years teaching experience. She brings healing through accelerated spiritual growth. Her teachings focus on Empowering Your Heart for Extraordinary Living.

Jackie built a highly successful practice as a Spiritual Teacher that lasted for over 20 years in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1998, her intuitive guidance directed her to leave her individual practice and move to Columbus, North Carolina where she founded Adawehi (Ah-dah-way-hee) Institute and Healing Center. At Adawehi, she works with students and practitioners who are also dedicated to spiritual growth and making a difference in this world. Adawehi supports people in healing all aspects of themselves (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical). Areas specifically addressed include:

Her audio productions include:

  • Help with relationships
  • Self-development/personal growth
  • Professional growth
  • Chakra balancing
  • Power, Love, and Wisdom
  • Releasing fears
  • Moving through emotions
  • Spiritual Energy
  • Health, Healing, and more…

Learn more about Adawehi at www.adawehi.com.

Jackie’s mission in life is to help people live life to the fullest. In alignment with that mission, Jackie’s powerful teachings are available as Growth Resources here on her website and as Awareness Classes at Adawehi. These self-development classes not only help to expand the parts of yourself you have already discovered, they also help you find new pieces to grow-up. The classes are offered at the Adawehi Healing Center, or for your convenience, via the Internet here at JackieWoods.org.

Author of several books and numerous recorded seminars, Jackie has hosted, along with her son Russell, Heart Matters radio show. Archives of this popular broadcast are here on Jackie’s website for your listening convenience. 

Her audio productions include:

In addition, recordings of Jackie’s interactive workshops are available for purchase in the Adawehi Gift Shop or online.

Jackie continues to touch and change the lives of thousands through her publications, courses, seminars, private sessions, and public appearances.

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