• “Every time you embrace how extraordinary you are, you have an opportunity to be of service to the whole of mankind.” – Jackie Woods

The Stewardship Forest Trails at the Adawehi Community

This is an important time in our spiritual evolution.

Somewhere inside you know – you are here to do great things. You are here to live a life of great personal fulfillment that empowers and fuels you. And as you are empowered, you can join others who are also creating this beautiful world.

It is as if our planet’s spirit is saying, Okay guys, it is time to get on with the show. You have had time to learn your lines, and have had numerous rehearsals. It is curtain time and I am turning on the stage lights. Even if you have never thought of yourself as a person that can make a difference – I’m here to tell you that you will – every time you embrace how extraordinary you are.

I welcome you on this journey of inner empowerment that will change your life and help heal our world. Enjoy the journey. I look forward to working with you.

Jackie Woods

Spiritual Teacher
Founder of Adawehi Community

Invest in Your Life’s Empowerment

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My passion in life is to share my Spirit, tools, and teachings with others who are serious about freeing themselves from their non-productive ways of feeling, thinking, and doing.

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4th of July at the Adawehi Community

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Here are many more ways to connect with my intuitive guidance and community to help you realize and be your best self.

Steps Leading to the Adawehi Healing Center

Life’s Building Blocks

A sample Blog post…

Most people’s lives are a mixture of enjoyable and not so enjoyable acts. And while a person wants to balance the scales on the side of what feels good, the enjoyable acts of the present may not serve as foundation stones for the future. In order for what you do today to serve you in the days, weeks, and even years to follow, each act must put down a layer of energetic intent. These acts of intent will be fulfilling instead of simply enjoyable.

An energetic intent is brought into your action when one of your loved character qualities (i.e. heart energies) is defined in such a way as to give it access to your physical world. When a quality that you love has a clearly delineated plan of expression, the manifestation of that energy will program into your unconscious mind that you are the owner and lover of that energy. It is now yours to use in small everyday matters, and yours to use in setting goals for the future.

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View from Adawehi Gardens and Orchard